Proficiency in Management

and Entrepreneurship


Unlock the essential keys of entrepreneurship used by both SME's and big business. Upgrade your venture management skills to deliver targeted milestones from the onset so you can create momentum in your startup or pivot an existing business positively after a crisis.

In Partnership with INTEGRA BUSINESS SCHOOL, PriME offers you a unique double perspective as you approach the journey of entrepreneurship: Part One shares the view of the founder and CEO to guide you when building from the bottom up. Part Two carries the lense of a CFO of a big company to give you a contrasting high level point of view, extremely usefull as you take your business forward.

Program Category: Open Enrollment (Available for ages 18 and above)

*Open Enrollment Programs are non-credit bearing

Racky Manalastas,

Branding & Design

Studio Owner

Having a story gives life to your brand and is critical in gaining momentum during a startup.

Jenny Leechiu,

Home Based Entrepreneur

It took multiple iterations to get the right product but I was determined to do so. I was so happy how quickly my product sold once I achieved the right product-market fit.

John Mangibin,

Hospitality Consultant

Without a solid understanding of the entrepreneurial and management process a venture is already at risk. Learning the essentials is a must for everyone.

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14 SEP - 07 NOV

8 1/2 weeks

PHP 33,150

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