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CUlinary program

The Aleanza Culinary Program (ACP) is a cutting edge solution designed for the next generation of chefs, kitchen hobbyists, and culinary professionals with a clear and present desire to make their marks on the world through food and cooking. 


The program is designed and operated by Executive Chef Rob Pengson, a chef and founder of multiple culinary programs and schools which combined have launched more than ten thousand careers that span the globe.


The Aleanza Culinary Program breaks away from obsolete and old procedures in order to produce more capable  culinary individuals for future.

1 Term: Culinary Arts Fundamentals

Aleanza's believes in providing students with superior resources and mentors with a proven track record in the both the real and academic worlds.

Overview: Our 1-term fundamentals in Culinary Arts offers students the latest in culinary arts education as it combines all the essentials with all the cutting edge practices of the international culinary industry. In this new and innovative course students are trained to integrate creativity with discipline in a professional environment unlike any other.


Key Result Areas:

  • Combines culinary arts with the latest in industry practices

  • Introduces the students to a professional level environment as early as the first term

  • Students experience the role of cook / chef trainee throughout the 1-term program

  • This is a credit bearing course leading to the 1 and 2 year Accredited programs*


Course Outline:


Term 1 - Culinary Arts:

  • Foundation courses

  • Food safety and sanitation

  • Butchery and seafood fabrication

  • Stocks, soups and sauces

  • Vegetables and starches

  • Garde manger and charcuterie

  • Breakfast and egg cookery

  • Cooking methods

  • Developing yourself as a leader 1

  • Real industry immersion



  • Annual tuition fee plans: (Year 1)

    • 2x installment payments in PDC: P59,800

    • 1x Full Payment: P109,800

    • 1x Full Payment, early registration: P99,800

  • Ingredients included

  • Schedule: open