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Channel your passion and use your natural creative talent to have a rewarding and fulfilling career.


Design amazing brand and advertising campaigns, learn to master the visual currency that defines our contemporary world of communication, produce brilliant videos and 3D animation to evoke emotions, or provide administrative support to the arts and design industry.

Study Art, Design and Multimedia courses at ALEANZA and our talented teachers will foster your artistic gifts and develop the creative skills and techniques to set you up for a successful career.


ALEANZA is the unparalleled in next generation education that produces leaders that will shape the world of the future  with their inspiring vision, remarkable work and outstanding values.

The Mission for students is to transform lives at every encounter by providing access to world-class education, remarkable mentors, the latest technology, outstanding value-for-money and utilizing the best practices for Filipinos and the international learning community.




The Aleanza Academic Experience is more visceral, more real because not only is it about learning, The School practices what it preaches so students can see for themselves how things are done in the real world.


“From a technician to an entrepreneur equipped with skills and confidence. The establishment of my passion project from a sole proprietor to a corporation.”​


—  Edison Subala, Founder of Ed & Son Craft Brewery


Food & Hospitality Management


The international hospitality industry currently maintains 266 million jobs and contributes 9.7% of the gross domestic product (GDP) globally. Aleanza sees big opportunities as Filipinos are celebrated hospitality professionals due tho their grasp of the English language and friendly demeanor in service. Gaining key skills in hospitality quickly sets you apart from the rest as the dynamics of global business is continuously updating.

entrepreneurial management prograM

Food & Hospitality

How to start, create a business plan, get investor funding, manage milestones and scale to exit a food or hospitality business in the Philippines. The program covers the various restaurant models, online meal subscription, food delivery, kiosks, the micro hotel model and the boutique resort.






10 sess.

4 hrs / sess..