academic methodology

ALEANZA creates leaders that will shape the world of the future  with their inspiring vision, remarkable work and outstanding values.

The Mission for students is to transform lives at every encounter by providing access to world-class education, remarkable mentors, the latest technology, outstanding value-for-money and utilizing the best practices for Filipinos and the international community.

ALEANZA practices what it preaches and integrates the world of education with an array of B2B services to compliment every academic program making the academic experience for students visceral and experiential.

Our services include hotel and restaurant management,catering commissary and cloud kitchen operations, events management, digital media service, construction management, corporate training, and general business services. These services keep our faculty and team at the bleeding edge of business and provide students with the best environment for acclimatizing to the industries they aim to participate in.

KNOWLEDGE - knowledge at The Aleanza Institute is relevant and always updated. Standardized education is useful; however, we are living at the fastest innovation cycle in human history hence Institute knowledge is updated yearly.

LIVE, ONLINE & HYBRID - We are proud to be on of the very few who transfer knowledge and technology using live, online, and a combination of both called the "flipped classroom". Because of this, learners are able to absorb information more efficiently and the ability to revisit lectures and demos on demand has a profound effect on the way each individual learns.

SKILL - We believe creativity is all about mastering your craft. Skills training is given utmost importance at the institute so students can be assured a high level of both quantity and quality hands-on training.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS - We believe creativity must have a purpose and offer a solution to personal and professional needs. As this philosophy is deeply ingrained into our processes we aim to produce students who provide creative solutions for the task at hand.

MEASURABLE RESULTS are key to life-changing education. Our academic office takes a close look at each and every student's journey in order to ensure they apply the learning and progress effectively.