about aleanza

The ALEANZA INSTITUTE OF ARTS is committed to providing the finest world-class education focused on in-demand disciplines where creative visionaries, thinkers, and leaders shape the world for generations to come.

The Institute is founded by experts in specialized professional education who have produced upwards of 10,000 alumni servicing the global industry today. Aleanza is also one of the very few educational institutions that combine first-world quality live and online learning systems that are proven across the globe to be more time and cost effective than older obsolete ways of learning.


The Makati campus boasts unbeatable first class facilities at outstanding value; in addition, the campus is also the most accessible school location  in Metro Manila via public transportation with a spacious parking lot for student who bring their own vehicles.


ALEANZA practices what it teaches and integrates the world of education with an array of B2B services to compliment every academic program making the academic experience for students visceral and experiential.

"Around the world the top 1% of schools actually practice what they teach, we prove it to the world with each and every brand and project under our service.


If an educational institution has no real business presence, they are quickly on their way to becoming obsolete."


Our services include hotel and restaurant management,catering commissary and cloud kitchen operations, events management, digital media service, construction management, corporate training, and general business services. These services keep our faculty and team at the bleeding edge of business and provide students with the best environment for acclimatizing to the industries they aim to participate in.


ALEANZA produces leaders that shape the world with their inspiring vision, remarkable work, and outstanding values.

The Mission for students is to transform lives at every encounter by providing access to world-class education, remarkable mentors, the latest technology, outstanding value-for-money and utilizing the best practices for Filipinos and the international community.

The Mission for the world is to operate in a sustainable values-driven manner while developing  a community that effectively utilizes its power and influence in creating a world where humans and nature can thrive and co-exist.

Finally, the mission for each creative discipline is to represent the field in a responsible manner and likewise produce responsible and effective practitioners to service the industries they aim to be a part of.